- always worth a visit...

Svaneke was awarded the European Goldmedal for magnificent town preservation in 1975.
A tour of the charming town environment with the beautiful half-timbered houses will convince you that the award was well earned.

Beautifully fitted in between the raw and fascinating cliffs, the red roofs of the colourful, halftimbered houses, stand proud against the three hills on which the town is build.

The almost tropical vegetation with fig- and mulberry trees along the freshly painted houses and their abundance of colours, creates a picturesque and unique scenery, which stays in your memory for ever.

Tennis, game fishing from the beautifully shore line, from boats, hike along the rugged shore line, market days, a small cinema, a visit to one of the many handicraft stores or a swim in the sea at Hullehavn, is just some of the things the city offer its guest.